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5 Tips for Setting New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! It is officially 2019 and everyone’s attention turns to the topic of making resolutions. What are some of the best ways to make them and stick to them? Here are 5 tips for both.

Limit the number. I recommend to coaching clients not to list more than 3-5. Too many will overwhelm you. Personally, I list 3 each for my personal life and business.

Write them down. You are far more likely to achieve a resolution if you write it down. Don’t let it bounce around inside your brain. Get it on paper. Ideally, put them somewhere you will always have with you, like in the “notes” app in your phone. A corollary: Print them out and post them somewhere noticeable, like your bathroom mirror or near your desk.

Make them measurable. For example, write, “Increase personal income by $10k this year.” Simply saying, “Make more money” is not specific nor measurable.

Word them in a positive way. That is, state, “Lose 20 lbs by December 31, 2019,” not “Stop eating junk food.” Negative self-talk is demeaning and counterproductive. “Stop eating junk food” is also not measurable like a specific weight loss goal. What is “junk food?” could vary from day to day and allow you to skirt the real intention.

Set up an accountability partner. This can be a business coach like me, or a friend, family member, or colleague. Make sure he/she is truly supportive and will not bring you down or undermine your goals in any way.

See? 5 tips are not overwhelming. Follow these and you are well on your way to success in 2019. If you would like a supportive business coach to walk along the path with you, just email me at or text/call me at 904-994-2481. I would love to help you become even more awesome!


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