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I have worked with Jodi Miles for much of this year. She has been most helpful in managing the process of hiring a paralegal. Jodi wrote the job advertisement, screened over two hundred candidate resumes and performed the interview process. Her help allowed me to continue focusing on my clients while expanding my staff. I know I can count on Jodi to pick up the phone when I call. As a small business owner, sometimes I wish there were two of me. Working with Jodi is the next best thing. ~June L., attorney

Jodi has been instrumental in helping me with firm management goals and marketing projects. She is very thorough and great at keeping me on track! Jodi stays positive and is committed to seeing me succeed. I recommend her to any attorney trying to find the time and energy to stay on top of firm growth whilst practicing law. When you can’t do two things at once, it’s nice to know you have Jodi to be your second set of eyes and ears. ~Danielle, attorney

I have known and worked with Jodi for approximately two years as we share a mutual client where she was the point person in creating a new attorney website and building out their online presence. Jodi is detail-oriented, very knowledgeable in respect to marketing and really understood her client’s objectives. Like any marketing, it is a work in progress and Jodi and I continue to collaborate on her client’s campaign. ~Mark, website designer

I hired coach Jodi Miles in 2015 to assist me with creation of several social media profiles. Jodi drafted and edited my LinkedIn profile, which encompassed both a civilian legal career and lengthy military career. She understood exactly what I was hoping to convey and expertly drafted each section. She also made sure I obtained a new professional headshot and uploaded same. I am very pleased with my profile and (found) Jodi to be very knowledgeable, professional, and responsive to my needs. I continue to consult with Jodi on various career-related issues to date. Prior to hiring her as a coach, I knew Jodi as a practicing attorney-colleague. She was highly regarded among attorneys for how she managed her practice. I recommend Jodi most highly. ~ Rob, attorney

Jodi Miles has been my practice management coach since 2006. She has advised and guided me on decisions concerning marketing, profitability, and productivity. She has written, edited, and maintained my website copy; firm press releases; and invitation language. She creates and maintains the social media profiles for all members of my private firm. Jodi helps with all recruiting campaigns to attract the very best talent to my firm. She drafts ads, performs background checks, reviews resumes, contacts references, evaluates writing samples, and makes recommendations on whom to interview. Jodi has also helped me to develop material for presenting continuing education seminars. On a regular basis, Jodi updates all firm marketing materials and evaluates the systems we have in place. She has helped us draft an employee manual that complies with all state and federal laws. We have elevated our marketing efforts to be the most effective ones allowed by the Florida Bar. Our productivity has improved; profits have increased; and we all work more efficiently due to methods Jodi has recommended we implement. She is reliable, professional, and creative. I recommend her talents as a practice management coach most highly! You will not regret hiring Ms. Miles! ~ Elizabeth, attorney

Most attorneys are well trained in the ins and outs of practicing law, but have very little in the way of business savvy. Hiring Jodi as a Jaw practice coach is an excellent choice, because she is an experienced attorney, who has managed a successful law practice before. This sets her apart from your general (non-attorney) business coach, and makes her the “go to” person for the attorney who needs guidance with the business aspects of law practice. Not only does she understand what the practice of Law is about, she provides unique and insightful solutions to the issues that attorney/business owners face daily. Jodi also provides unique services over and above general business coaching, in that she offers assistance with hiring staff, developing AVVO profiles, etc. For these reasons, I highly recommend her to an attorney who is seeking a business coach. ~ Lisa, attorney

Jodi is a great coach! She is an experienced attorney who provides great advice on client management and in the area of family law. I would highly recommend her services to anyone starting out, or venturing into a new area of law. ~ Belkis, attorney

I have hired Jodi to help me with marketing my practice, and I have hired her as a speaker for different venues and topics. As an attorney coach, Jodi is there to help you with whatever professional development you need. It is great to speak to someone that has experience and knowledge of how to market a law practice. Jodi has helped me with my online marketing presence, and with finding ways to market myself to new audiences. Jodi is also good and figuring out your indiviaual strengths and tailoring her advice to your individual strengths and personality, so that you can actually succeed. I know several people who have hired her, and have been very satisfied with the work she has done for them as well. ~ Dorothy, attorney

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