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One-on-one Coaching


Individual Services

We can work with an individual attorney at his/her office or by phone. We do an initial assessment to determine the most pressing issues that need attention. We come up with a game plan for addressing them and we set up a meeting schedule. Ideally, meeting weekly, in person, is most effective in the beginning. Once engaged, we are also available for you by phone, text, or e-mail.

Firmwide Re-engineering

Would you like a comprehensive assessment done of all systems in your firm? We can come into your office in-person and meet all of your key players. We will learn about what is working and what isn’t. We will tailor changes to meet your needs in all of the critical systems necessary to have a firm working smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. We can also conduct off-site firm retreats, to include continuing legal education and wellness speakers.

Comprehensive Recruiting

We have been staffing law firms (including our own) from the bottom up since 1997. Over the years, we had several attorneys, a practice manager, a paralegal, a law clerk, receptionist and contract bookkeeper. Beginning in 2006, we started helping clients recruit the very best talent to help their firms grow and succeed. We have a specific system for this process that we share with our coaching clients. We will draft, post and monitor job ads for you; we will review resumes and save you immense amounts of time in the hiring process. We also are available to attend interviews and conduct skills testing.

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