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Five FREE Things To Do This Month To Uplevel Your Firm Marketing

  1. Take/Update Your Headshot: If you are a new attorney, yes, you need a professional head shot. A cropped personal photo from your last vakay won’t cut it! If you have been practicing for a minute and your last one is more than 3 yrs old, you need to update it! I highly recommend using a professional hairstylist and makeup artist to give you your very best look. The board of GCBA plans to offer on-site headshots by a local photographer at a luncheon this fall. Stay tuned for details!
  2. Claim (or Update) Your Avvo Profile: This is easy and takes little time. Avvo ranks very high in Google searches, so this is definitely important to do. See my other article on this topic for detailed guidance on getting your rating to a 10. ( Once you claim it, be sure to keep this profile updated. Every new publication or speaking engagement should be added. Request client reviews and peer endorsements here too. Delegate these tasks if necessary.
  3. Update (or Create!) Your LinkedIn (LI) Profile: Like Avvo, LinkedIn is a free platform for professionals to post a headshot, biographical information, and to gather endorsements and recommendations. Even if you are not in private practice right now, I recommend doing this. You need a professional online presence. Recruiters use LI daily to find new talent. (My non-attorney husband gets recruited through this platform approximately every 18 months!) It is also an excellent way to network with attorneys and other professionals who might be able to help you personally or in a legal matter. I am surprised when I search for attorneys I meet at events and they do not have a LI profile or what they have is woefully undeveloped or unprofessional looking. Post a real headshot here, not some candid your spouse took! Like Avvo, you should keep your LI profile up-to-date.
  4. Claim (and Build Out) Your Business Facebook (FB) Page: Like it or not, FB has created a placeholder for your business (if you are in private practice & run your own firm). If you do not claim and control this profile, it will sit out there and confuse people. You definitely don’t want that! Post photos, video, and contact information here at the very least. You can also request that clients post reviews here. Once you have claimed it, educate yourself on all of the features FB offers and maximize them!
  5. Cross-sell your services to past, present and future clients: Do all of your clients (and referral sources) know all of the areas of law that you practice? If not, you are losing business and it is time to educate them! I once discovered that my family law clients did not know I also handled criminal defense matters. They were hiring a 2nd lawyer while I was handling their family law cases! So, I recommend that you start with new (potential) clients and explain what you do during the initial consultation. Make sure all practice areas are listed on your letterhead, business cards, website, and other social media. When you close out existing cases, be sure to remind clients to contact you should they have legal needs in other areas you practice. This can go into your closeout letter or email. If you make contact with past clients annually, such as at the holidays, include reference to all of your practice areas. Be sure to also offer to refer past clients to the best lawyers in the business for any areas you do not handle. That is a win-win.

I hope that these simple and FREE ideas will help all of you to uplevel your marketing THIS MONTH. There is no time to wait. At Carpe Argentum LLC, we help attorneys with all of this and much more. Call or text 904-994-2481 or email me today at to book your complimentary Seize the Silver session!

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